Romeo is one of a couple dozen rescued horses who now reside at Rivers Edge Horse Rescue & Sanctuary. Like all of the other horses at the Newton, NJ farm who had been previously abused, abandoned, and/or unwanted, Romeo was given a new chance at life when Diane Romano-Potocki, the farm’s owner and founder, brought him in. And though providing proper care for her horses is challenging enough under the best of circumstances, Romeo has presented a unique challenge to Diane in that he his blind.

Due to his blindness, Romeo is often forced to remain alone in his paddock, or grazing area, for his own safety. His single-horse shelter further isolates him from the herd, leading to loneliness and depression.

The Rodgers Foundation has committed to fund the building of a brand new, two-horse shelter for Romeo and a lucky companion horse that he will be able to enjoy for the remainder of his days on the farm. The cost of construction is $13,000 and The Rodgers Foundation is asking generous individuals and businesses to donate toward this project.

Additionally, in our effort to generate excitement around this cause, a number of The Rodgers Foundation team members will be participating in the 2021 Tri Mountain Lake triathlon on July 17th in Liberty, NJ. For many of the participants, this will be their first foray into triathlon racing and the event (1/4 mile swim, 15 mile bike, 5k run) promises to be a challenging experience. If you are making a donation in support of one of our racers, you may indicate that on the donation form below.

We are very excited about this project for many reasons, including the fact that this is the first official cause that The Rodgers Foundation is backing. Please join us in support of Romeo and the Rivers Edge Horse Rescue & Sanctuary by making a donation today.